Cool Off Pty Ltd


Founded: 1983

Owners: Simon & Edward Staughton


Areas of expertise: 
Australian raw material processing and supply to the pet food manufacturing industry

A Family Business

Cool Off Pty Ltd is Australia's premier producer of pet food raw meats. Established as a collector to aggregate and freeze natural fall offals from Australian abattoirs, Cool Off has subsequently expanded operations to include premium meat meal production, mechanically deboned lamb and natural dried pet treats..

Australia is a country of distance, which when combined with the extreme temperatures of an Australian summer, offer some significant challenges to the effective collection of quality offal materials. Cool Off identified an opportunity to streamline the process with the development of a unique onsite chilling system. After many iterations, Cool Off now have in place a system that allows ultimate automated control through real-time monitoring and control through data and video, as well as multi day collections with near human grade quality material. Cool off now source from over 30 abattoirs across Australia, processing over 130t of raw material per day.

About Cool Off

Cool Off is a family business, owned and managed by father and son combination, Simon and Edward Staughton.

Company Profile

Cool Off developed a unique offal collection process that involves installation of a customised collection and chilling unit onsite at the abattoir.  This enables Cool Off to control all aspects of quality from the onset, providing a dedicated focus on quality of the pet food products, with minimal abattoir labour input.

Cool Off is located in Howlong, near Albury in NSW, from where it currently sources mixed offals from 30 abattoirs across Australia, including Queensland to South Australia.   It can process over 150t of raw offal per day, in chilled and frozen form, for supply to  Australian pet food manufacturers and to meet a growing export demand.
Simon Staughton - Founder.

Simon’s original background was operating a large family farming enterprise, with properties located in Victoria, New South Wales and in the Northern Territory. He started a pet food collection company in 1982, collecting lungs, hearts and livers on contract to supply Mars Australia.

Edward Staughton - Managing. Director
Edward completed a dual degree at Bond University in Commerce and IT. He joined Credit Suisse and was located in Sydney, Milan and Zurich over four years. In 2007 he took the position of Managing Director of the Cool Off Group of companies. Edward has spearheaded Cool Off's expansion into export markets to utilise its unique access to Australian raw material, and diversification into the dried treats sector through the development of sister company Dried & True Pty Ltd.