Super Chilled

The automated plate freezer system can be instantly configured and programmed to produce to deep chill products to below 0*C.  Using the Cool Off system, organic products can be chilled  from 14*C to minus 0.05*C  within  20 minutes.  

Currently Cool Off produces 20 tonne bulk batches of pumpable 5mm ground  bovine trim (at -0.5*C) for tanker transport to customer.  The super chilled product is pumpable and, when held at that temperature, has a shelf life of over 18 days.  

The plate freezer system means it is impossible to get caught with over chilling causing freezing blockage associated with other chilling systems.

Technology & Innovation

Automatic Unload Plate Freezers

To enable efficient freezing Cool Off has developed and
patented a vertical drop automated plate freezer technology, whereby ;

  • A two man team can fill 10 plates of 2,000 kg capacity each and unload and palletise the resulting frozen blocks. 
  • Blocks can be easily sized to customer specifications without using dividers and are automatically palletised with or without layer sheets to customer requirements. 
  • The system incorporates water tight freezing compartments to allow block freezing of liquids as well as meat, fish and other food products.
  • Plates are Teflon coated to allow use for human consumption products if used in a human consumption installation.
  • Plates are easily cleaned when opened and with the floor fully retracted.
Thermal Solar Cell

Cool Off has developed and installed a thermal solar cell that covers a 1000 square meter surface, to heat 100t bluestone heat bank.

This heat used to supply 80% of the drying energy for the dried treats operation (
Collection & Chilling

Cool Off developed a unique offal collection process that involves installation of a customised collection and chilling unit onsite at the abattoir.  This enables Cool Off to control all aspects of quality from the onset, providing a dedicated focus on quality of the pet food products, with minimal abattoir labour input.

This system is currently installed at over 30 Australian abattoirs