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and how we got here

In 1982, founder Simon Staughton invested in a small offal processing plant in Central Victoria, three hours from Melbourne. With a long family history of agriculture, Simon understood farming and resource production. The processing plant serviced one customer, one of the world's largest pet food manufacturers. At the time quality and freshness wasn't as prioritised, and Simon saw an opportunity to treat our pet food ingredients with respect and do better for our pets and the ingredients, with the goal of maintaining freshness and quality across the supply chain. 

Using his incredible engineering mind, Simon created patented technology that rapidly chilled the pet food products coming out of the abattoir, giving Cool Off a reputation for producing the freshest pet food ingredients in Australia.

In 2008, Simon's son Edward Staughton took over as Managing-Director. Since those small beginnings, Cool Off has grown into an Australian regional success story, employing over 150 local staff, processing over 70,000t of raw materials per year, exporting to 11 countries throughout America, Asia and Europe and supplying specialty ingredients for premium pet food and treat manufacturing for Australia and international pet food manufacturers.

At Cool Off, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead our customers towards a unique product offering in a competitive market. We work with our customers to learn and evolve, crafting unique solutions for any pet food needs.


Meet the Team

With years of experience in the pet food ingredient game, our team is knowledgeable, flexible and loves working with our customers to craft individualised solutions for all your pet food needs. 

Want to work with us?

Cool Off prides itself on being a collaborative, innovative and progressive leader in regional NSW. Career and job information can be found on our Staughton Group website. 

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